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Get the Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition by Becoming a Member of Luka’s Hocevar Performance Gym.


Our Methods are Guaranteed to Transform You Into a Stronger, Tougher and More Explosive Athlete Than Ever Before!

But, not everyone is accepted into our program.  Only highly dedicated, highly motivated athletes are accepted into the program.  No exceptions.

What happens at Hocevar Performance Gym?

We train serious athletes and give them the unfair advantage over their competition through our superior training methods, which have been producing powerful results without fail on every athlete who walks through our doors. 

There are Athletes, Coaches and Trainers from around the world that have learned about Luka’s methods in an effort to bring superior training back to their country, their gym and/or their team.

Our results speak for themselves.

We don’t offer sessions, we offer membership.  Training athletes is done in 3 month membership options, ranging from 1-4 times each week.  We are not interested in a quick-fix program so signing up for one month shows us your lack of commitment to becoming great at your chosen sport(s).

What type of individual is accepted into our athlete development program?

At Hocevar Performance Gym we take highly dedicated, hard working athletes and transform them into explosive, brutally strong, mentally and physically tougher athletes. 

Our training not only develops the physical but also the mental.  We’re about building character in our athletes, teaching them life lessons that are in alignment with what happens on the competitive scene in sports.

We also train military, law enforcement and adults who are hard core fitness enthusiasts.

Why do you need to do something different?

Most athletes need to get the edge over their competition.  Their competition is already doing everything they are doing: attending athletic camps and clubs specific to their sport, training in their high school or collegiate weight room, etc.

The Hocevar Performance Gym offers specialized training methods for athletes, giving you the edge you need to transform yourself from ordinary to extraordinary.

The training of our athletes takes place in small groups, allowing like-minded athletes to gather together and feed from one another as opposed to being stuck with unmotivated individuals who bring the energy of the group down.  Groups are often 3-6 athletes per Coach.

Interviewing our athletes and their parents prior to acceptance ensures that we have athletes who are ready and willing to commit to their success with supportive parents who trust us and allow us to do what we do best, which is transforming athletes into the best they have ever been.

Our hours of operation are by appointment only.

Our days of operation are Monday-Saturday.

Membership Options

Athletic Training at Hocevar Performance Gym offers 3 month membership options.  Training is in small groups with an average of 3-6 athletes per group under the guidance of a trained Hocevar Performance Gym Coach.

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Please understand that not all applicants are accepted due to the serious nature of our training program.  This ensures that every athlete in our groups is highly motivated.  We do not accept unmotivated athletes into our groups. 

Parents AND athletes are interviewed because we not only require highly committed athletes, but we look for parents to be supportive of what we do, NOT overbearing.

We are Currently Limiting Hocevar Performance Gym Membership to 40 Athletes to Ensure Our Athletes Get the Best Coaching Possible.

If You Apply Whem Membership is Full You Have the Option of Being Placed on Our Waiting List.


** Serious Inquiries Only Please **

Government Agencies:  Military, Law Enforcement and other Special Government Units are taken into consideration for acceptance depending on the nature and time frame of the project.  This is an elite program and is taken very seriously.  The program is constructed by Luka Hocevar and lasts as long as necessary to achieve the desired goals of the specific group/unit.

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